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7 Lucrative Passive Income Ideas for Graphic Designers

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If you’re a graphics designer looking to boost your passive income, you’ve come to the right spot! it is not a bad idea to diversify your income.

There are many passive income ideas for graphic designers, each has its own unique set of requirements and potential returns.

Graphic designers can make a passive income through stock graphics, affiliate marketing, equity-based compensation, UI kits, printed art, e-books, and Instagram post templates.

Sell Stock Graphics

The first one is stock graphics, which are visual assets, including illustrations, icons, vectors, and photographs, licensed for use in various creative projects.

You can create and sell stock graphics to a global audience through online marketplaces, generating passive income from repeated downloads and usage.

For graphics designers, the best place to start selling stock graphics is FreePik in my personal experience.

To increase the marketability and profitability of stock graphics, you should focus on creating high-quality, versatile, and visually appealing assets that cater to current design trends and industry demands. Additionally, proper keyword optimization and effective tagging can enhance the discoverability of stock graphics.

Boost Earnings via Affiliate Marketing

You can promote products or services of other businesses in exchange for a commission on each sale generated through a unique referral link.

If you have a huge online fan base, jumping into affiliate marketing is a no-brainer. In my opinion, the Adobe Affiliate Program stands out as the top choice for graphic designers.

However, developing a strategic approach is crucial for success. This involves creating compelling content that showcases the promoted products or services, and incorporating affiliate links into blog posts, social media posts, and online portfolios.

Earn Equity in Design Projects

You can accept a share of ownership in a project or venture in exchange for design services. This approach allows you to participate in the long-term success of the project and benefit from its potential growth and profitability.

By demonstrating value and expertise, you can negotiate a percentage of ownership in the project, aligning their financial interests with its success.

Wherever you can find it? the answer is Google.

Craft Effortless Revenue with UI Kits

UI kits, or user interface kits, are collections of pre-designed UI elements, such as buttons, icons, and navigation bars, that streamline the design process and ensure consistency across various digital products.

You can create and sell UI kits to web designers, app developers, and other creatives, generating passive income from repeated purchases and usage.

If you are good at UI design then this one is right up your alley, the best choice for beginners is ui8.

To maintain a steady stream of passive income from UI kits, designers should regularly update their kits with new elements, adapt to evolving design trends, and address any compatibility issues that may arise.

Printed Art Profits: Your Creative Canvas

The demand for aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing art remains strong in the physical marketplace. You can leverage your creativity and design skills to create artwork that can be sold in various forms, such as posters, prints, greeting cards, and home décor items.

Get in on the print-on-demand trend, showcase your art, and earn money. In my opinion, Redbubble is a great place to begin.

If you want to excel more you can also create an online storefront, either through a dedicated website or an e-commerce platform like Etsy, which provides a centralized platform for showcasing and selling printed artwork.

Publishing Gains: E-books for Passive Income

You can also utilize your design expertise to create visually appealing and engaging e-books, providing valuable content to readers while generating passive income through online sales.

Creating an e-book involves both writing and design skills. You should develop a compelling concept, structure the content effectively, and incorporate visually appealing elements such as illustrations, graphics, and infographics to enhance the reading experience.

You can use payhip for publishing e-books for passive income.

You should carefully format e-books for different devices, optimize titles and descriptions for searchability, and consider pricing strategies to attract potential buyers.

Sell Instagram Templates

You can create and sell Instagram post templates to businesses, influencers, and individuals looking to enhance their Instagram presence.

Designing effective Instagram post templates involves understanding visual storytelling, incorporating on-brand elements, and aligning templates with current design trends and Instagram best practices.

Creative Market is the best place for doing this kind of thing.

Designers should create a variety of template formats, including image-based templates, quote graphics, and carousel posts, to serve different content types and user preferences.

If you want to know more about social media design visit our Social Media page.


Passive income ideas for graphic designers explored in this article provide graphic designers with a diverse range of options to expand their earning potential and achieve financial stability.

From creating and selling stock graphics to developing UI kits and designing e-books, graphic designers can leverage their creativity, design skills, and entrepreneurial spirit to generate passive income streams that supplement or even replace traditional income sources.

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